Dear Steve Carell —

Please retire.  Or at least stay on your “Office” television show if you are contractually obligated to not fully go away yet.  At least stop making movies.  Spare us from any more of your ordinary, mediocre
mind and lesser talent.

You are not a good enough actor to carry a movie.  Your “Evan” was an abomination and your “Get Smart” role is nothing but a tired parlor trick in which you do not even begin to understand the underlying premise.

You have one tone.  You have no hue.  You play a single note.  You are the same in every single thing in which we see you perform.  We get aesthetically tired having to watch the same you over and over again in only slightly different contexts.

You have done enough.  Your career is over.  Please retire and take your Steve Carell caricature with you.

We thank you.

— Your Former Fans

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