We were disgusted by the circus that was Christie Brinkley’s divorce.  She set that brutality in the center of the public square for our stoning and scrutiny.  We believe Ms. Brinkley is a bad mother because no good mother would ever purposefully exploit the welfare of her children by mocking and embarrassing their father on television and in reams of newsprint.

Christie Brinkley’s divorce could have been a private and expedited affair conducted with class in support of the well being of the children — but Ms. Brinkley wanted a public butchering of her “bad husband” by revealing his sexual peccadilloes that will always haunt the happiness of her children.

Instead of taking the path of honor and discretion, Ms. Brinkley instead actively chose to expose her children to the harsh light of public ridicule:  It was more important for her to hurt her husband in public in the same way he had hurt her in private.

We argue it is vital to love your children more than you hate your spouse.

The distinction with a difference we are making is that Ms. Brinkley’s husband was made more likable by his confessions and not made smaller by her accusations and that, we believe, is why she so quickly settled on the terms of her divorce.

Ms. Brinkley was losing public faith and she had already irreparably damaged her standing in the community as a good mother.  She flayed a pound of flesh from her husband and raced away to the butcher — children in tow — with blood dripping from her bony fingers as she successfully redefined for her kids, and our nation, the memeing of a “bad mother.”

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