John Edwards is, and has always been, a Nancy Boy fraud and a phony when it comes to morality, values and in propagating the memes of authenticity.  Cheating on your wife is wrong.  Cheating on your wife dying of cancer is dead wrong.

Can you imagine the awful discussion John — and his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth — might have recently shared?

ELIZABETH:  You slept with her and had a baby?

JOHN:  You were dying.  I was lonely!  And that baby isn’t mine!

ELIZABETH:  Couldn’t you at least wait until I was dead first?

JOHN:  I’m lonely!  I have needs!  You’re being selfish, Elizabeth.

ELIZABETH:  You’re killing me, John.

JOHN:  Not fast enough, I’m afraid.

The John Edward Immorality Play, we fear, is only starting — we’ve barely moved beyond Act One, Scene 1 — and there’s more drama, conflict, spectacle and catharsis to come.

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