Have you experienced a Déjà Vu moment?

Some argue Déjà Vu moments are nothing more than hiccups in the brain while others, like me, believe the repeating of an identical moment is a way of protecting ourselves from strange, and perhaps harmful, situations:

Déjà Vu is a fascinating concept.  I argue those moments are brain protections to comfort us in times of distress and, in order to calm down the body and reduce the heart rate, we are “flashed back” in a time travel to a moment in time we appreciate, understand, and recognize.

Can you live anything longer than a moment in Déjà Vu?

Or are these repetitions only meant to be temporary warning spikes that flash before us in order to slow down our thinking and re-establish a calm base?

In the landscape of human existence — have we ever shared, as a people, a repetition of the past from which we could not escape?

Do you think science and technology have created a Mobius strip life of Déjà Vu moments meant to keep us in stasis and throttle our learning and forward-leaning thirst for lives beyond the past?


  1. Say what? Say what? Sure, why not? Repeating makes the mind grow stronger, right? Learn it by rote is better than a mote in your eye in your eye.

  2. Very funny very funny. Yes, I think repetition is a protection scheme, Karvain, because as I repeat my mantra, “Karvain is not funny, Karvain is not funny,” I already begin to feel better in my self-created deja vu deja vu.

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