I’m sure someone has told you a lie to protect your feelings or to set you up for deception.  We all lie.  Some lies are grander than others.  A lie begs no excuse and provides no reason.

We must be wary of the Serial Liar — for no reality exists for that sort of fibber and they are rarely aware of the fact that every word flowing from their lips is not true.

You recognize the Serial Liar by the tawdry friends they keep and the dismally dissociative associates they curry.

Serial Liars feed upon the weak and maul the good and exploit the want-to-be-liked.  Serial Liars know — on some hidden, internal, level — that the truth doesn’t matter to their sycophants… only telling them what they want to hear matters most.

Avoid the Serial Liar and their cohorts — but if you must work with them, or you cannot escape their clutches — momentarily become one of them or risk the fate of every good heart:  A bloody piercing.  

Lie your face off.  Lie as if you life depended upon it. Truthtellers get branded and then eaten in the world of Serial Liars.

Your only salve against the wounding of your mistruths is in the comfort in knowing you are telling lies while Serial Liars have no sense of righteousness or the truth — and the difference between you and them is overwhelming as you cannot wait to race in the opposite direction of their essence once you are beyond their awful, clawing, grasp.


  1. The truth hurts because we think we’re tops. When we get hit we aren’t as great as we think we are we look for cover. A good lie provides that cover. Iraq is proof of that, no?

  2. Yes, we do seek to run from harm, but without a bit of pain, how can we begin to learn from our mistakes, Anne? If we’re always right then there’s no allowance for ever being wrong.

  3. Just observe the actions of compulsive liars…action always speaks louder than words.
    A compulsive liar ruins the trust and the victim once hurt, is just scared and scarred for his/ her life to trust again.
    It seems a strawberry is missing in the image!!! 🙂

  4. Excellent point, Katha. We do need to observe them from afar and take notes and remember and then stay away from them as much as possible and believe nothing we are told. Ha! Either a strawberry or something else! SMILE!

  5. I have had a person tell numerous lies about me to such an extent that it led to false arrest and detention. Even ran the risk of going to prison. How they got away with it, I will never know. It was very distressing and I have had no redress to this day.

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