There is a move afoot on some university campuses to lower the legal drinking age to 18 from 21.  We
fully support the effort — when we were in college the age to drink
was 18 — and having that legal limit sit at 21 now only indicates a
failed intention and false effort to curb college drinking.

Students want to drink alcohol. They will drink even if they have to break the law.

Lowering the legal limit to 18 means universities can better enforce and police drinking on campus.

of forcing the kids into underground and surreptitious drinking binges,
universities can teach kids the safe way to maintain alcohol as part of
college life.

We find it incredible teenagers can
enlist in the military to die a hard death in the Middle East, but they
are not “old enough” to enjoy a beer on their porch at home.

accept the reality of teenage experimentation and lower the legal
drinking age to 18 and help the kids learn the responsibility of
managing their alcohol intake in the light of day and not underground
in the sneakiness of night.