The National Enquirer is reporting Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant again, a few short months after giving birth in June.  She allegedly did not know she could get pregnant “while breastfeeding.”

we pity the 17-year-old child’s bad decision-making skills — and her
vile inability to learn from her mistakes — we cannot help but wonder
where her mother was during the sexual education of her daughter? 

Was any attempt made to teach Jamie Lynn about birth control, moral duty, and social responsibility?

Since Jamie Lynn was unable to match her sister Brittany’s starpower, is she now trying to one-up her as a baby-making babymama?

Lynn is in no rush to marry the father of her babies — and that is yet
another strange and immoral disconnect from a family that claims to set
the standard for excellence in performance while failing the general
test of basic family values. 

Our greatest concern is for
these babies birthed into a world where they require the protection of
their parents to survive — yet those very parents have no clue even
how to save themselves from their own mistakes.