Rajvee makes a fascinating point on the evolution of memes and the rejection of the Godhead:

The difference today is that we are capable of being fully aware of how
we impact ourselves, each other, and our future. We now have the
ability to weed out such memes like the belief in God that no longer
apply in this modern day.

This meme, that was established in order to
maintain group loyalty and cooperation long ago, is no longer necessary
in a time of democratic influence and social justice. With all that we
know today, we can have control of how our future will be. However,
with the long-lasting meme of religion among today’s societies, we have
a tremendous obstacle to overcome in order to establish a safe and
prosperous future for humans.

we do not need the Gods to give our lives definition and meaning —
what happens to that propagation of the existing religious memeing?  Is
it dead or is it rather resurrected into the atheist view?

Must something replace the God meme in order for human society to function without killing each other?