Imagine if you could heal your own ills by growing your own stem cells.

Claudia Castillo healed herself with a little help from her homegrown stem cells:

Researchers and surgeons from Britain, Italy and Spain collaborated to grow tissue from Ms Castillo’s own bone marrow stem cells, using them to fashion the new bronchus – a branch of the windpipe. They believe that one day the approach will be used to create engineered replacements for other damaged organs, such as the bowel or bladder. In five years they hope to begin clinical trials in which laboratory-made voice boxes are implanted into patients with cancer of the larynx.

Are we playing our own God by re-creating our own living tissue?

Or is there something deeper going on here where science is foiling the natural, evolutionary, standard of living by giving us second, third, and fourth chances to evolve by cheating death and disease out of the normal and expected decay of the human experience?


  1. Interesting proposition!
    i think ability to heal by my own can be a natural outcome of evolution which can be perfected through more R & D.

  2. Scientists say there’s no reason out bodies can’t last at least 200 years. Few of us ever reach 100 before we die. So what’s the secret? Why are we not staying alive as long as our tissues and cells and organs and muscles are able to sustain us? I think the answer is in diet and meditation and creating our own stem cells is the first step in helping us look inside for the solutions instead of relying on medicine to heal our unawareness.

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