It’s time for!

For several years I have been haunting the domain name — a Japanese company held it for a long while — to help fulfill an idea that has been brewing for a decade. finally became available, and I grabbed the domain to start realizing the idea of the site:  Ten Word Stories.

The idea sounds easier than the writing.  There’s a temptation in ten words to be poetic rather than creating a story with irrevocable change — but change is our mandate and our effort:  Create interesting stories packed with conflict and drama.

We invite you to join us at as we add our eleventh blog in the Boles Blogs Network!


  1. David!
    Love the concept! The ten word story form is a great exercise in learning how to distill a story to its most basic and telling elements.

  2. That’s the trick, Dananjay! You really have to pick your words carefully. The hardest thing for me is to add rather than delete. I’ve created several, perfect, seven word stories — and adding three more words risks their ruination!

  3. Yes! I know that feeling, David.
    I found that sort of joy in the concise expression in my work in commercials. Before I worked in advertising my writing tended to gravitate toward flowery prose, working on stories that needed to be told in 10 to 60 seconds, as well as headlines and baselines for press campaigns, billboards etc. taught me how to pare my writing down to its essentials.

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