If you’re a young woman in the city core, I’m sure you’re familiar with the new “street assault” that incarcerates you with a hard bump from a male to get your attention.

The irrational rationale of these horny young men is if the woman reacts to you after you “engage her” by elbowing her in the side or pushing her out of the way — then you have her attention and you can “make your move.”

Unfortunately, many young women fall for this “bump introduction” because it is basic human nature to express your dismay at getting a sharp hit in the ribs or being shoved into someone else on a crowded street.

However, once you react, you’re “his” for the engagement and the taking — he’ll have to “apologize” and you’ll have “accept” his apology or you’ll get the “you’re a bitch” accusation and assault — so try to ignore those crowded street introductions, or you will be forced to face the next peeling off of your patience as your new suitor misunderstands the kindness in your forgiveness.


  1. Watch for it, Gordon! Warn all your women! The “bump” is also a pickpocket’s meme, so we need to be doubly careful.
    Janna responds to the bumps with a set glare. The guys don’t know how to deal with a non-verbal reprimand. It works well!

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