It’s that day of the year again when bad taste and cruelty rule the day. 
Be on point!  Beware of every email you open and every website you visit!  Bad taste is about to ruin your day!

Have you ever been made the April Fool?

What’s the best joke played on you?

What’s the best joke you played on someone else?

Why do you think we have the need and the desire to play tricks on each other?

What’s in it for the trickster?

Why does Google go so large for April Fool’s Day every year

Do you wish Google spent more time making Google Apps better instead of spending so much time, money and sweat on insufferable, nerdy, engineer humor?


  1. I rather like Google’s humor. It’s a day of silliness and I’d like to believe that they can’t spend that much time doing it. Sometimes it is best to do something unrelated to your main field to help do what you do well. I do that with a little sudoku on the side. 🙂

  2. So you do Sudoku at work, Gordon? Do your bosses know? SMILE!
    This year’s Google Foolishness is pretty deep. It took a lot of effort to create such an ugly looking ruse.
    Did we have to tolerate “Google Paper” last year?

  3. I honestly loved Google Paper. I thought it was hilarious. 🙂
    Vis-a-vis sudoku – it is good for my eyes because it forces me to look away from the screen. I don’t think they notice. 🙂

  4. I absolutely despise the “April Fool” joke. Neither do I encourage or participate in it, nor I enjoy being made fun of…
    My colleagues played pranks – I was just a silent observer…

  5. Google Paper was brilliant because it was something that just seemed so contrary to logic – why would they print and send your emails when one of the benefits of email is that it avoids paper? It was a real “gotcha” source of amusement for me.
    I print Sudoku because what I’m trying to do is not look at an electronic screen for a matter of 15 seconds and that helps. 🙂

  6. Hi Katha —
    I don’t think I understand it either, Katha. If you play a prank on someone, you are intentionally trying to make them look bad so you can have a laugh at their expense. What’s the thrill in that, I wonder? Most of the most vicious pranksters never take the return favor very well. They suddenly get brittle when the joke is played back on them.

  7. Gordon —
    Thanks for the reminder on Google Paper. I do remember you liked it when it first came out.
    That makes sense to help preserve your eyes and Sudoku also works a deep part of your mind.

  8. Once again we see the difference between MS and Google. 🙂

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