We have loved Kathy Griffin because she is an outsider and a rebel.  What,
then, happens when your favorite celebrity stone-thrower becomes a
fawning morass of sentimentality instead of a biting, vicious,
cutting-edge-funny razor?

You get Kathy Griffin’s latest flop of a Bravo stand-up comedy special that aired this week:  She’ll Cut a Bitch.

of the cruel Kathy we have grown to admire, we get stories about
sharing her birthday with Cher and being forced into mainstream
acceptance by her refusal to tell “Jesus to Suck It!” ever again.  The
Emmy is everything; her comedy and moral standards are negotiable.

We are left today mourning the loss of a true trailblazer and celebrity rebel.  The new Kathy Griffin is now nothing but a hopeless sycophant for celebrities and we don’t need a stand-up comedy version of Entertainment Tonight.