One of the greatest inventions of modern humankind is Closed Captioning.  When text is wed to image to create memeing for words being spoken, the Deaf are winners included in the learning and in the entertainment and so, too, are those learning a spoken language.  With the announcement of CaptionTube for YouTube videos last week, another massive step forward in the goodness of humanity leapt to the forefront of our technocrat hearts:

If you’ve ever had to type a conversation instead of speak one, you know typing takes three times longer than the spoken word.  Having the nerve, the drive, and the want to provide full access to YouTube videos is the great gift of CaptionTube.

Here is the blurp from the CaptionTube website explaining how the process works:

What is CaptionTube?

CaptionTube is a utility for adding closed captions to YouTube videos. After you import a video, you play the video and add captions as needed. When you are done, you export the captions and then upload to YouTube.

Why is it better than watching YouTube and editing my captions in a text editor?

CaptionTube provides improved precision with a scalable timeline. You can also make changes to captions and preview them immediately. It also allows you to create multiple language tracks.

We love CaptionTube! 

We hope CaptionTube are not only able to make their business better, but we hope they also reap the deserved financial rewards of their caring innovation.


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