I have been a big iPhone lover in the past; but I’m unexcited about the iPhone 3G S and I refuse to incarcerate myself in anticipation, longing and waiting for iPhone wish fulfillment ever again.  The White Apple of Death still leaves a hauntingly bitter taste in my mouth a year later.

The fact that the iPhone is imprisoned on the awful AT&T network is a big reason for waiting and hoping that, one day, Apple will set us free from the AT&T awfulness.

For all the hoopla about increased speed on AT&T, my 3.0 upgraded iPhone from last year still gets lousy connections and internet throughput in Northern New Jersey.

AT&T also cranked us loyal users with a crazy upgrade scheme that confirmed for us hardcore haters that all our rueful feelings against AT&T are, indeed, justified.

Even though AT&T recanted this week and modified their upgrade policy for new phones – it’s all still just too little too late.  AT&T already forced the bile from us in a punishing upgrade policy that made no sense for family plan iPhones with different upgrade dates even though all were purchased on the same day — and we’re all still awash in neverending lines of last summer.

If Apple had done the right thing by the new iPhone 3G S by giving it live video chat — I would be the first in line — but the iPhone 3G S is just an incremental update and not the mind-blowing, trendsetting, joy-inducing phone we had come to worship.  A built-in compass?  Am I buying a phone or a box of Cracker Jacks?

What Apple risks in this nothing 3G S “hardware upgrade” is a loss of the glisten and the gleam that made the phone a need instead of a want — but perhaps Apple are saving their best for the next version of the phone that will be unshackled from AT&T and set free to run on the network of our choosing.

It won’t take much improvement for all of us to pay AT&T an early termination fee to move the next generation iPhone to a new network — we just hope Apple gets us there in time before something prettier and better tickles our fancy and wants our wallet.


  1. I have to buy a new phone – my blackberry that I bought three and 1/4 years ago because I love your reviews that much is slowly dying. I was actually thinking of getting the $199 iphone.

  2. In your situation, Gordon, I would definitely get the 3G S! You’ll love it! Buy the 32gigger because you will fill up your iPhone fast even though you don’t think you ever could.

  3. I go by what you say, David! 🙂 It has served me well thusfar. 🙂

  4. I have one in my hands now. I couldn’t wait any longer. My blackberry kept on dying after 12 hours even if I didn’t use it at all. I will get a review this week – asap! 🙂

  5. OH MAN!
    You’re killing me, Gordon! SMILE!
    Janna’s assistant at work and her hubby bought iPhone 3G S(es?) over the weekend and we’ve been helping them set up their phone to be a “Deaf iPhone” and our envy is growing every hour and now GORDON HAS ONE TOO and suddenly I’m feeling abandoned and left out and non-techno savvy and I’m beginning think I better burn a hole in my pocket ASAP or be left out of the bandwagon o’ fun!
    I can’t wait for your review! It will be very cool to get a first time user iPhone critique!

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