Over the last month or so, Gibson knocked $600.00USD or so off their SG electric guitar.  Such a price smash on such a popular guitar can only mean one thing:  A New Version is Being Released!  Is this “Zoot Suit” the new Gibson SG?

You can see in the image of the “Gibson SG Zoot Suit” there are several layers of wildly colored pressed/laminated wood that are then carved and shaped to form the guitar and reveal the strata of colors ringing in the wood.

By mixing up the color layers and the hue and tone of each color ring, Gibson can truly create a “one of a kind” guitar with ease and then charge top dollar for that exclusivity.  Pure genius!

I love the look and the effect of this method of luthier-ism and even the clear covers over the pickups is exciting because it directly plays into the wild candy coated theme.
I want to bite it!

If that is the new Gibson SG, I love it!

I want one. RIGHT NOW!


  1. What a beautiful guitar. I’m sure you will make it sing proudly! 🙂

  2. That has got to be the ugliest guitar I’ve ever seen in my life. My stomach is churning.

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