We have loved Barack Obama as a presidential candidate and defended him as president — but as a president, he is clearly immediately failing us all — and thus flunking the world.  Because of his obscene failures on healthcare, the economy, the war, and terror, he has fully owned his public mocking.

Has Obama already lost any goodwill and energy he earned in the general election?

When Sarah Palin’sDeath Panels” for babies with Down Syndrome out shout the president’s want to make universal healthcare a civil right — something is desperately wrong in his administration and the viral infection of shaming the president in the public square becomes deserved instead of feeling unfairly unearned.

Why where and how has Obama gone so wrong?

Are the Republicans flaying his policies, or are there factions in his own party dooming his dreams?

Has Obama already lost the 2012 re-election effort?

Or is there still enough time to right the ship and sail into our necessary utopia?


  1. I like to think about how at this point in 2001, Bush hadn’t done more than take a lot of vacations. I feel that there is more than adequate time for President Obama to right the wrongs and get things going.

  2. What proof do you have of pending dynamic success, Gordon? Even Sotomayor was a major stumble. She should’ve been been better presented and prepped and waltzed onto the court. Instead, the Republicans gnawed on her carcass for weeks.
    I think the Obama Zombies need to get out of campaign mode and deeper into governance and bending arms and twisting wrists!

  3. I think that the republican knawing ultimately made them look foolish.
    I can’t speak to having actual proof but I just have a feeling that it will turn out that way.

  4. The Obama team need to stop playing by the rules and go after the republicans with the same viciousness. It’s the only way to survive. You can’t play in the clouds if rabid dogs are gnawing on your ankles.

  5. Katha —
    That’s a good article link you provide. I think he went wrong in choosing the wrong people to get the work done. He picked the brains instead of working the laborers. He needs fists and not handshakes. He needs the conservative faction to fear him.

  6. That’s precisely what I’ve been intuiting, Katha. He’s lost the message and the momentum. He’s allowed Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin to define him and then destroy his agenda.
    Some say Obama isn’t really a “Liberal Democrat.” He’s more a mainstream conservative — what the Republicans used to be 30 years ago — and so his DNA is actually coded to disappoint the very people who believed so hard in him and in his message of change and got him elected.

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