When the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey — PATH — are forced to create cartoon posters inside their trains to train riders how to behave in public, we begin to wonder how and why we became such a debased society in need of such basic correction.

Have we lost all our moral character?

Do we live in the bottomless pit of a values-less existence?

The PATH proper behavior poster proves our human mendacity in a damning semiotic that speaks to our ignoble past and our modern, uncouth, ways.

What’s next?  A PATH poster demonstrating we should keep our knives hidden in our pockets and out handguns holstered in our boots?

Will we have a PATH poster dedicated to proper bathing, showering and wearing clean underwear every day?

When the Port Authority is reduced to the nanny role of promoting basic social interaction — instead of making sure the trains run on time — the total fraying of the fabric of society cannot be far behind.


  1. I’m looking forward to the increasing nannying of society, and at the same time I am certainly not. It makes for good entertainment value but then you realize that it’s real life and it’s getting worse through it.

  2. That makes good sense, Gordon. If there are some people lacking in social skills, I suppose these cartoon tributes to teaching good manners might have some effect. I’m all for a shared purpose and cohesive goals with other folks forced in public, so let’s hold thumbs this whole idea takes on some level.

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