Ashley Todd is a Palin/McCain supporter and she claims an Obama supporter/robber attacked her and then demanded money before carving a “B” on her cheek.  Some believe her story is more hoax than crime.

biggest problem with Ms. Todd’s ever-changing story is that the “B”
carved on her cheek is backward — as if it someone drew it there while
looking in a mirror — and not “carved” there in the middle of a street

Is Ms. Todd the new Tawana Brawley or Morton Downey, Jr.?


Police sources tell KDKA that a campaign worker has now confessed to
making up a story that a mugger attacked her and cut the letter “B” in
her face after seeing her McCain bumper sticker.

Ashley Todd,
20, of Texas, initially told police that she was robbed at an ATM in
Bloomfield and that the suspect became enraged and started beating her
after seeing her GOP sticker on her car.

Police investigating
the alleged attack, however, began to notice some inconsistencies in
her story and administered a polygraph test.