Ndamukong Suh — “Mr. Suh” to you and me — is a 6’4″, 300 pound, defensive tackle on the University of Nebraska football team and possible Heisman Trophy candidate. A couple of days ago, Mr. Suh crashed his 2003 Land Rover into two parked cars at 2:20am. 
He was not driving drunk.

Mr. Suh — “Ndamukong” means “House of Spears” in the Cameroon Ngema tribe — said he was driving his Land Rover and an animal ran across the street and he swerved to spare its life.

If you are familiar with animals, you know it was likely a cat Mr. Suh swerved to miss because cats — unlike dogs and raccoons and coyotes and squirrels — are genetically self-entitled and have an inbred sense of “right of way” that belies any sense of a human, or even existential, comeuppance… especially at 2:20 in the morning.

By swerving to miss that cat, Mr. Suh did $10,000.00USD damage to his Land Rover and an additional $8,000.00USD worth of damage to the two parked cars.  Mr. Suh reported the crash to the police immediately after it happened.  He did the right thing all around.

A monster on the football field, Mr. Suh has proven his heart is tender and his sense of rescue and respect are pure and undeterred by any social or monetary penalty.

That stray cat Mr. Suh did not kill is now valued at $18,000.00USD — but the sacrifice he made in favor of the living and the lost has no real human cost — and we hope Nebraska coach Bo Pelini will reward the goodness in Mr. Suh’s kind deed instead of punishing him for being out so late at night.


  1. of course it was a cat what other creature can destroy three cars in the blink of an eye. i do hope mr. suh is supported by his team.

  2. that’s a heart warming story, David. It really shows the nature of Mr. Suh and that is excellent to see.

  3. The story is certainly heartwarming, yet the play I’m seeing it get in the local Lincoln media is rather cold and uncaring, Gordon. It’s certainly strange because the Huskers are king in town and any reason to celebrate them is usually accepted publication policy.

  4. Hats Off! When people kill other human being for money, it’s great to know someone tried to save a cat…

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