Steven Seagal — yes, THAT Steven Seagal — has his own reality show on A&E called — Lawman — and put away your sniggering, because Steven Seagal is real in the realm of the New Orleans underworld.

You probably don’t know movie star Steven has been a Sheriff’s Deputy in the Jefferson Parish of New Orleans for over 20 years.

The shock of the series is learning that Steven is pretty good at his police job and he knows how to talk to, and interact with, real people!

We were also pleasantly surprised to learn Steven Seagal can play a nasty Blues Lick or two.

We are enthralled and thoroughly entertained by the polymathic SuperGenius of Steven Seagal.


  1. What errors are you seeing, Gordon? Links inside the articles are broken?
    OH, and right now is munged and I can’t fix it. I am hoping the Pair folk are on it and responding to my dire need to get it working.
    I agree Seagal is a misunderstood genius. He’s an actor, trainer, Sheriff’s deputy, dog handler, musician and martial arts master… and… and… He’s incredibly polymathic and talented!

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