If you play the guitar, you know the hunt for the perfect strap can be a lifelong longing.  I’m happy to report the discovery of Planet Waves Locking straps for your guitar.  You don’t have to replace anything on your guitar to use the strap.  The Planet Waves locking system is safe for your guitar and once the strap is locked onto your guitar, nothing is going anywhere.

Here’s a classic example of the loose-guitar-strap-as-noose from the movie “The Last Waltz.”

As guitar god Eric Clapton joins Robbie Robertson on stage, we see Clapton’s guitar strap is twisted and we know what’s about to happen — and at 0:51, the inevitable hits –Clapton’s guitar strap comes loose from his guitar and eight pounds of sound drop from Clapton’s chest:

Clapton recovers beautifully from the strap coming loose — and Robertson dutifully notices the disaster-in-waiting and takes over the solo — but how many of us are Eric Clapton? 

If we were playing in the same situation, that $5,000.00USD Fender Stratocaster would be dead in our hands or flat on the ground.

If you use the Planet Waves Locking Strap, your strap and guitar are
locked together.  Neoprene foam protects the “handcuffs” of the
strap from harming your beautiful guitar.

Rest easy, get a few Planet Waves Locking straps for your playing
arsenal, and know there’s one Clapton solo you won’t mind being unable to


  1. Thanks for the exquisite piece and that was a great lesson about the strap!

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