If you have an ounce of talent for the guitar, you are wildly in awe of just how much Jimi Hendrix achieved in his brilliant, brief, Supernova life
There have been so many remixes and rebundlings of Jimi’s music since his death, but few people are aware of Jimi Hendrix’s fantastic “Blues” album that is filled with the most incredible history of sound in our shared memory.

For less than $8.00USD in the Apple iTunes store, you can buy Jimi’s Blues, and here are the songs you get:

Here’s a taste of my favorite song the album:  Cut — Jimi’s often imitated, but never recreated, instrumental version of, “Born Under a Bad Sign.”

If you love The Blues, you need to buy Jimi’s Blues and if you aren’t exactly sure what The Blues are or if you want to know more… give Hendrix a listen… and you’ll be hooked for sure.


  1. I knew Jimi Hendrix mostly as a rock musician but you are right, I am hooked with his blues…didn’t have any clue about this. Thanks for the article!

  2. Sounds great, David. Looks like they pressed it on vinyl, too — and now the vinyl copies go for hundreds of dollars on ebay! Go figure. 🙂

  3. It’s all about supply and demand. It’s like the 2005 vinyl pressing of “Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues” — only 1000 blue vinyl records were pressed and therefore they are $50 used versus the CD — who know how many hundreds of thousands of copies were made — therefore it is $5 used. CDs are a lot more disposable than vinyl in many cases.

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