We’ve hinted at it before, but now we’re officially saying: “Eric Clapton is the Modern Master of The Blues.”  For 50 years Eric Clapton has dedicated his life to celebrating American Blues in the mainstream of popular music.

What does it mean when someone like Eric Clapton — born in Ripley, Surrey, England in 1945 — cares more about the preservation of The Blues than ordinary Americans?

It means every American owes Eric Clapton gratitude and thanks for making our national history come alive again in song.

All of Eric’s albums are Blues-infused, but my favorite is — “Blues” — where he pours his everything into honoring and re-imagining classic Blues tunes.

Eric has also repeatedly honored of Robert Johnson — The Father of the Blues — in several albums:

Without Eric Clapton, we are certain The Blues in America — and
the world — would not be so popular and alive and it is up to the rest
of us to continue Clapton’s celebration in song by singing and playing The Blues
and vowing never to forget the rich history of a completely unique
style of music that redefined the American experience.


  1. I do love a good Clapton recording, David. It’s great that he has done so much for the Blues.

  2. Eric Clapton has a massive Blues history on record, Gordon, and he used his popularity with the people and his power with the record companies to make it happen.

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