There is one song that proves if you have The Blues chops or not —
“Stormy Monday” — and Carlos Santana and Buddy Guy recently played
that song together to tether their Blues history of being and
wanting in performance.

Here are Buddy and Carlos shredding the Blues out of Stormy Monday:

The utter brilliance of that performance is how Buddy and Carlos play off each other.

One calls.

The other responds.

There’s a seamless understanding between those two guitar masters and that sort of natural flow of ideas in performance is rare because it can quickly become unruly– see David Sanborn with Clapton in Little Wing — but Carlos and Buddy have an unspoken understanding in a shared syntax and grammar from their fingertips.


  1. I first heard Santana in 1999 in “Supernatural” and it was just a “love at first listen”…it’s still the same way… questions asked – 🙂
    You are right about the silent understanding between him and Buddy Guy in this clipping – I think it comes from the focus of making the performance successful together without overpowering each other to prove one’s excellence.

  2. Thanks for the 1969 clip…it’s just made me speechless…what a performance!
    I think it’s going to stay with me.

  3. In the best movie about Woodstock:
    “Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music” (Longer Version)
    Carlos leaps from the screen as the real star of the show.
    Jimi Hendrix also became a star after Woodstock, but he was late getting to the concert due to bad weather and he played before a played-out Sunday morning audience of may 100 instead of 500,000 like everyone else. In the movie, Hendrix is transforming… and then you see the tiny little group of people he’s actually playing for on the ground below him and it makes you laugh a little.

  4. Ok, I am officially stuck with “Soul Sacrifice” for last 48 hrs as I listened to it “n” number of times – still can’t get it out of my head…thanks David!
    Now my job is to find out the documentary…

  5. I would say “gracias” because there are some really horrible video performances of “Oye Como Va” — starring Santana! — that use English instead of Spanish in the lyric.

  6. ??????
    I got to find that out…I understand putting subtitles but English lyric? That will ruin the song!!!

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