When you write articles, it is rare you have an “Immediacy Thermometer” that shows you successes and failures.  Our BolesBlogs Twitter account sends out updates for all our newly published articles across the 13-blog strong Boles Blogs Network.  We use SocialToo to track people who follow us and, more importantly, people who UNfollow us.  Here’s this morning’s UNfollow report from SocialToo and our article yesterday on — Owning the Devil Note — resulted in nine people dropping us: 

It is both painful and pleasurable getting instant feedback on what
works and what doesn’t — overall yesterday, we gained seven new Devil Note
readers and lost nine, so we really only lost two readers — and it
all makes one wonders if we should write articles to pull in new
followers, or if we should just continue to write our passions and if people
follow, great, if they don’t — okay, then.


  1. Oh, Jane. Why did you forsake us for my article? *sob* — it’s okay. I’m going to continue to write my passion! 🙂

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