We really like the standard Gibson Brite Wires, and today we’re going to take a playability look at the Gibson Vintage Reissue guitar strings.

Here’s the PR blurp about the Vintage strings from the Gibson website:

Gibson Strings re-invents the modern guitar string. We go back to the days of using only the finest pure nickel wire, slowly wrapping it over the highest quality Swedish steel “hex” core for maximum strength and stability. The warm, full tone gives your guitar a solid new voice. These strings show why we are still the favorite with top players around the world! Vacuum sealed for freshness.

I use the Gibson Vintage Reissue strings on my 1957 Les Paul VOS and the sound feels true and rings right.  There is a silky warmth in the pure nickel strings that does, indeed, bring out that vintage vibe so many of us fell in love with while listening to all those old Blues records of our youth.

You can use Gibson Reissue strings on any guitar to help give you that old time warmth.  You will lose a bit of the biting high end in dullness — the Gibson Brite Wires handle that cutting sound really well — but you will get a more even and resonant bass line using the Reissues.  The strings are easy on your fingers and they bend and bounce back really well.

I love the way Gibson vacuum packs their strings.  The plastic is so tight around the strings that you actually have to use a knife to puncture the seal first before you can cut into the packaging. 

Vacuum freshness preserving a golden sound:  That’s the Gibson Vintage Reissue strings!


  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve learned more about strings for guitars in the last month than I have in my entire life. Thanks for the great information, David! ūüôā

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