Jimi Hendrix died almost 40 years ago — and yet today, he is more popular and relevant than ever.   Here is Jimi is on the cover of the April 2010 edition of Guitar World Magazine.

Jimi is also the cover boy for the current issue of Total Guitar Magazine in the UK:

Why do we have this Hendrix resurgence?

Why has Jimi retained his pulling power and popularity?  When Eric
Clapton first saw Jimi perform in the UK in 1966 — Cream was just
getting started — he pointed to graffiti on the wall that said,
“Clapton is God.”   

“If I’m God,” Clapton said, “What does that make Jimi Hendrix?”  One listening, and Clapton knew Hendrix was far better then he, and Clapton was man enough to confess that truth.

Tomorrow, we will have a “brand-new” album release from Jimi Hendrix called “Valleys of Neptune” — on both CD and 180g vinyl — and the tracks are spectacular and fresh, even though they were recorded 40 years ago.  “Red House” was never more stunning or better.  The power of Hendrix, it seems, is in the timelessness of his talent and in his incredible staying power over four decades.  Clapton was right then as he is now. 

The living tragedy left in the wake of Jimi’s untimely death is the sad state of his brother, Leon Hendrix

After fighting for control of his brother’s estate and losing, Leon has been wandering and wafting and looking for his place in the world. 

It is difficult to celebrate Jimi now while his brother suffers today — and the sad breaking apart of a family because of drugs and fame and fortune seeking is the real tragedy in the Hendrix legacy that cleaved Leon from his mark and gave Jimi the opportunity to mark the rest of us.


  1. I got right on the new album — as well as the seven inch single that came from it. It’s sad to know that he has a suffering brother out there.

  2. Very cool, Gordon! I hope you enjoy the new album. Yes, it’s terrible Jimi Hendrix has a living, talented, brother that has been given up to the dung heap.

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