The faith of waking is important to covet when you are faced with a life-threatening injury.  An EMT first responder buddy of mine told me about the “fainting effect” that happens when they first arrive on scene.

It seems when a severely injured person is told to “hang on” until help arrives, they are somehow able to fight against blood loss and impending death to “stay with” the person helping them.

However, when the EMTs arrive on scene, more often than not, the victim begins to lose consciousness as if they can finally relax — and, perhaps, drift away — because help has arrived.

My EMT friend told me is is a strange phenomenon that belies explanation because when the EMTs are on scene, they need the victim awake and even alert in order to tell what happened to them and to cogently answer questions.

Sometimes, my friend told me, if the victim is in a haze and asks how much longer they have to wait for the first responders to arrive, the EMTs will tell the victim that help is “still on the way” and that they need to “keep holding on” until help arrives.  Then, with the person still relatively alert, they are able to get the information they need to provide successful field treatment.

If you are ever in an accident, or if your life is in peril and you are waiting for help to arrive — you must do everything you can to remain awake and alert.  When help arrives, don’t relax.  Don’t give up.  Stay angry.  Keep your mind active.  If you are in pain, accept that feeling as an implicit sign of you life.


  1. That is fantastic advice, David. I have always wondered why people are told, “stay with me” and it makes so much more sense now.

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