Drum Workshop are one of the most innovative music companies.  Their drum kits are profoundly beautiful and well-made and “DW” also make a lot of neat things that piano players or guitarists or other musicians can use even if they don’t play the drums.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon a DW solution to a problem I didn’t really know I had:  The Drum Workshop 9120 Heavy Duty Air Lift Throne.

A “throne,” in drum-speak, means a padded stool you sit on.  Here’s the 9120 I purchased — the backrest was an additional $40.00USD, and worth every penny. 

After two days of sitting on it, I have no idea how I lived so long without it.  The “tractor seat” — some call it a “motorcycle seat” — sets you right in place and locks you down in a really good way for playing the guitar.

If you play the guitar, it might seem a little odd to spend over
$200.00USD on a practice chair — when
you should really be standing up instead
— but if you’re like me,
and if you’re up and down all day while practicing as life and work and visitors interrupt you,
it isn’t always practical to be “locked
into a standing position if you need a quick escape. 

For almost a year, I sat on my office chair with arms to practice my guitar.  It was an uncomfortable non-fit.  I had to sit right on the front edge of the chair or the back of the guitar would hit the armrest. 

Now that I’m free-standing by sitting down on my new DW throne, I can swivel back-and-forth between my amps and my computer and my music books with ease. 

The air-lift feature of the chair helps find just the right height for comfortable playing each day.

I now have freedom of horizontal movement I did not have in my office chair.  I can twist my torso and adjust the guitar on my lap just as I wish it to be without the fear of getting stopped by office chair arms.

My focus is greater and my tone more serious.  I now sit more upright and directly over my music stand instead of having it tower above me as I squint to read the notes. 

My DW throne puts me in a power position I didn’t know existed, and now I cannot live without it.

If you’re looking for a practical practice chair imbued with the magical powers of creating proper posture and fostering a serious spine of intention in playing — then you need the Drum Workshop CP9120AL right now!  


  1. Great review, David! I will have to keep an eye out for this chair. Have a good Monday / Tuesday!

  2. It’s a great chair, Gordon. I’m sitting in it right now as I reply to you. I’m much more sloppy sitting in my office chair. In my DW throne, I’m much more upright spine-wise. SMILE!
    Enjoy your holiday and see you Wednesday!

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