I don’t know anything about Kate Gosselin except the very little bits of herself that she eagerly puts on television for public consumption, and after swallowing her bits without chewing for flavor, I cannot understand the essence of why she is on television and why she has a fan base.  I’ve watched her repeatedly degrade her children and her former husband on television.  I have watched her get pushed and dragged through dance routines on “Dancing with the Stars” as if she were a household cleaning appliance and not a dancer. Is that Kate Gosselin below or the Dyson Ball vacuum?

In every instance, Kate Gosselin has come across as wholly disinterested, rather disengaged, and a bit cruel.

Why is she a reality television star?

Do people flock to watch her because he is such a wretched person and, in her dim light, they feel lighter about their own dismal lives?

Kate Gosselin certainly doesn’t inspire or teach anything positive.  She a blah-monger of the highest degree and for that reason alone I do not understand her popularity.

If people like Kate Gosselin are celebrities presented for imitation — we’re all in deep trouble — but if she is instead a warning against something we should never become or hope to admire, then I can begin to understand her car-wreck of a life as a mother and a dancing vacuum: “Don’t Be Like Kate!” is the warning we all must heed and adhere to as the temptation to fight back with spite tempts us just as it fêted her.


  1. Why, indeed. She is the worst sort of fauxlebrity in that she has done nothing to get the ‘status’ other than that which people do as a normal part of life — have children. It would be like popping into a barn and giving Martha Farmhand a television show for her amazing ability to milk cows every day.

  2. Yes, I just want to tell her to go back home to her children and stop embarrassing herself on TV. I guess she can’t see how she’s being used for the mocking. Sure, she’s getting paid to make a fool of herself on TV, but that only soothes the now without comforting the future.

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