If you have more than one guitar, and if you change strings on a regular basis, you need the Ernie Ball Power Peg to preserve your wrist and save you tons of time.

The Ernie Ball Power Peg is a simple idea that serves a complicated need.  It is a mechanized string winder and it runs on batteries.  Install the strings on your guitar, and let the Power Peg do all the heavy winding for you.  Here’s the PR blurp from Ernie Ball:

Here’s the Power Peg in action:

Simple, eh?

That’s the beauty of the Power Peg.  It is designed to do one thing and one thing only:  Wind Guitar Strings.  Done and done.

The Ernie Ball Power Peg can wind forward and backward.  You decide the angle of return by touching the rocker trigger.

I couldn’t live without my Power Peg.  It has saved me hundreds of hours winding strings.  You can buy manual mechanical string winders, but those are just as brutal on your wrist and hand as if you were winding it all with your fingers and thumb.

The Ernie Ball Power Peg may look cheap and feel breakable, but I’ve had mine over a year and it hasn’t failed me a single time.  I’ve probably changed strings on my guitars at least 175 times in the last 10 months.  That’s around 1,050 individual string changes and windings if you want to keep rapid count.

I’ve changed the batteries exactly once.

The Power Peg was the best $20.00USD I ever spent to preserve my health and embiggen my handiness.


  1. Looks to me like a good little device, David. Is it heavy? Can you control the speed?

    1. Heya Anne!

      The Power Peg is super light. It is mostly made of plastic. It has one speed. The perfect speed, actually. Just right for winding.

    1. Hi Gordon!

      Even if you change strings every two weeks you probably wouldn’t need the Power Peg for one guitar. If, however, you’re changing the strings on 3 or more guitars every two weeks on a regular schedule, the Power Peg will definitely save your wrist and preserve your time.

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