We’ve already covered your guitar-playing arse, now it’s time to properly protect your most valuable possession — your axe — from the incidental kick, the intentional shove, and the indiscreet elbow.  Meet the indispensable Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand:  The best guitar stand in the history of music.

There are all sorts of guitar stands for sale in the music market — and most of them are flimsy and weak — only the Hercules is rated to effectively hold 60 pounds while locking down your guitar using gravity and tough, but grabby, arms.

The moment you give your guitar to Hercules, two downward pointing arms snap into a horizontal position to prevent your guitar from sliding or slipping away.  Simply lift your guitar to remove it from the stand and Hercules will automagically release the arms back into their ready position.

You can buy a Hercules lock to keep the arms in the horizontal position so lifting the guitar will not result in release.

Unlike other guitar stands, the protective foam on the Hercules will not stain your guitar.

The Hercules is light and portable and you can adjust the height of the stand to best meet the length requirements of your Les Paul or your Ibanez or your Gretsch or your Stratocaster.

My Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand has become part of my studio decoration:  It beautifies as it protects.  I also have at least seven Hercules stands dotting pockets of the office and nooks around the house.  Thanks to Hercules, a guitar is now always — safely — within reach, so I can pick up and play whenever the mood strikes.


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