Chicago has an eye on you.  Literally.  Take a gander at the gigantic Chi-Town orb sitting outside the John Marshall Law School.  Do we really want to touch the bloody bits and share lunch under the shadow of a massive, disembodied, peeper?

Is that truly, unblinking, Panopticonic Eye, passively watching you, actively surveilling your every move, or is it just a dead — but still pretentious — piece of street art?

My fear is the Chicago Eyeball is just that — an artsy, painted, ball, with no real effect upon or shared harmony with — the environment in which it sits.

Now, if there were some sort of camera in the iris of the eye, recording every move — and the public could enter the back of the eye and watch from within what the eye has been seeing on a bank of flickering HD screens– then we would truly have an authentic piece of artwork that terrorizes at it tattles.


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