Mena Trott dropped the other shoe just now as she announced Six Apart is dead, and gone, and Six Feet Under.  I printed out her blog post and I’m dancing on it as Six Apart’s non-virtual, paper, grave:  We Are Vindicated in their Death!

Here’s a “for-the-record” text quote from the Trott:

Today we announced that Six Apart is joining forces with VideoEgg to form a digital media company called SAY Media. The new company will continue to embrace our mission to make creators successful by helping them grow and monetize their audiences. Together we will create a modern media company that will better serve both creators and advertisers.

I have no problem dancing on Six Apart’s grave because they abandoned me long before I gave them up for the ghost they’ve become.

Six apart lied to me.

Six Apart wasted my time and money.

More importantly, though, Six Apart cruelly crashed my dreams and dishearteningly disposed of my hope.  Six Apart ruined wishes that I can never go back and recover — and that, for a multiple media company poised on the precipice of meting out the justice of human understanding — is inexcusable.

Goodbye, Six Apart, and Vox, and TypePad, and the abomination that became Movable Type, and good riddance — we wish you ill will, and we will not miss you — but we do hope the leftovers of you will not rot VideoEgg out from the inside just as you purposefully created a fallow shell of a former social publishing powerhouse using our thinning blood, our warmhearted intentions, and our gritty sweat against us as your evil tools of deception.


  1. I have to say I am glad this is finally over. I think we all felt this day coming. What, we spent five months not being able to log in to comment on your Movable Type blogs because it was so broken? It sure was frustrating.

    1. Hey, Anne —

      Yes, we had a long nightmare with Movable Type, and I thank you for sticking with us when most readers gave up. The Movable Type hype never matched its promised performance. We were snookered and we never should’ve left

      Yes, we suffered for five months without being able to have commenters login to participate and Six Apart told us — via our Pair Networks host — that a fix was forthcoming. I have no idea if they ever fixed all the bugs or not, because we gave up waiting after five months and returned the Boles Blogs Network to

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