If you play an electric guitar — you have a lot of junk.  You have pedals and straps and strings and cables and other stuff you need to store and lug around, and I have found a terrific gig case, the — “Marathon MA-SLDC200W Utility Trunk Case with Wheels” — and I am unable to live without it.

My Marathon case is tough on the outside and soft and rubbery on the inside.  Here’s the features blurp:

  • Holds Accessories like cables, lights and etc.
  • Built-in low profile wheels
  • ATA 300
  • Spring action handles
  • Easy locking fit and tongue
  • Heavy and powerful ball corners
  • Industrial strength latches and rubber feet
  • Dual anchor rivets
  • Laminated 3/8″ plywood

The center divider is a great help.  I can remove it for big stuff, or use it to help separate two sides of the case.

I currently use the divider to put straps and pedals and electrical cords on one side and cables and strings and tools on the other.  That leads to excellent organization.

The greatest thing about my Marathon case is its ease of portability.  I can sit on it and have a firm and stable surface, or I can lift one end and the built-in wheels come into action for easy moving.

If I used casters on each corner, the case would not be stable while stationary.  The wheelies work wonders only when needed.

Marathon cases are not cheap for a reason:  They’re tough and sturdy.  They are also really well-hewn and their aesthetic construction is superior.  If you have $300.00USD or so to spare — you, too — can have an easy, and safe, way to store your best stuff for fast travel.


    1. It’s great for use at home, too, Gordon. It keeps all the little doodads and wires and connectors in one spot. Otherwise, they tend to all breed alone in the wild.

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