Yesterday, I was hankerin’ for a hunk o’ Blues holiday music.  I hopped onto iTunes and found — “Blues, Blues Christmas” — a collect of 52 songs recorded between 1925-1955.

Here’s the PR blurp about the album:

For the first time, Blues, Blues Christmas presents a compelling and comprehensive collection of Afro-American jazz, blues, boogie-woogie and gospel recordings dedicated to the holidays. With lively boogie-woogie and R&B, reflective blues and the odd cautionary sermon for good measure, this double CD set has to be one of the most listenable and fascinating holiday compilations ever produced.

The collection is stunning.  It’s a real thrill to feel these holiday Blues.  At $20.00USD for 52 songs, that averages out to 0.38 cents per song:  What a steal!

Here is the incredible list of songs in the collection:

As ever, here’s the iTunes Ping! proof-of-purchase, so you can see I put my money where my music is:

“Blues, Blues Christmas” is a wonderful collection of early Blues music — and I’m going to listen to it all year round — not just during the holidays.


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