Sometimes you hear about an album with such an outrageous name that you just have to hear it to find out if the sound on the album can stand up to the quality of the name. Such was the case with the new album by Akron / Family, being “Akron/Family II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT.”

For me, the first thing that stood out about the album was the first track, called Silly Bear. Having a collection of bears at home, this was a song I had to hear. When my colleague at work, a fan of Akron / Family, told me that there was a song on the album about silly bears I decided I should look into it.

I was really glad that I decided to invest in this album because in the few days since I have bought it, it has become part of my evening routine. On the way to work I listen to In The Aeroplane Over the Sea and I had been listening to it on the way back as well but this was getting a little repetitive and I think that going to the office should have a markedly different feeling from going home from the office. (Particularly since when I am going home I have much to which I have to look forward — my wife, my baby, my bears…)

The reason that I have become so fond of listening to the album in the evening when I am going home is because it feels like one giant celebration — of life, of being, of everything. It feels like a celebration even when the lyrics aren’t celebrating anything. Take this song, So It Goes, in which at one point the singer laments how he saved one dollar and eighty cents at Safeway only to be asked for that exact amount by a homeless person. Enjoy the official video:

Going back to the song that drew me into the album in the beginning — Silly Bear. It’s a great example of the sort of songs you can expect to hear on the album. The lyrics are light hearted — speaking of dialogue between two bears, one of whom wishes to get some more honey.

The album is entirely fused with energy of an upbeat nature. I entirely recommend this album. You can get it from iTunes as well as physical music outlets in both vinyl and CD formats.


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