We know Weebles Wobble, but They Won’t Fall Down

Today, we now have an amazing walking stick that shares the same Weebles “won’t fall down” philosophy of play in functionality and a seriousness of design from Cheng-Tsung.

The idea of a self-centering walking stick is brilliant:  If you take your hand off a traditional cane or walking stick, you have to find a place to put it so it won’t fall on the ground.  You have to hook it on a doorknob or a fence or over your forearm.

With a Wobble walking stick, you don’t have to worry about “letting go” — because the stick, like the Segway before it — just finds its own center and stays upright and standing until you’re ready to grab hold again.

Here are the problems and solutions from the official “Balance Stick” website:

1. Seniors have to bend down whenever stick is falling down, and it is a heavy loading on waists for seniors.
2. Users have to keep holding the stick or find the place to rely against it.
3. There is stick with feet in market. The feet is heavy and occupies too much spaces. It is inconvenience to use it when climbing the stairs.
4. Stick can’t stand independently on slope.

1.”Balance Stick” would not fall down and stand very well therefore bending down is not necessary.
2. It is unnecessary to keep holding the “Balance Stick”, neither relying on. Hands are free.
3. The base of ”Balance Stick” area is tiny to pass through stairs. It will be easier to climb the stairs.
4.”Balance Stick” can stand independently on slope.

I really appreciate the ability of this walking stick to find its own center balance “on a slope” because that is the ultimate test of balance for anyone with two feet!  The fact that this walking stick can “wait for you” to achieve your own independent balance on uneven ground is a real aesthetics changer when it comes to making a feeble life more like that of our beloved Weebles.


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