Abusing Gary Busey has nothing on two starlets exploding in the Sunday night sky.

One is a Jones and the other is a Leakes.

They hate each other so much they cannot pretend to be courteous or kind to each other or anyone around them.

Jones pretends cool suburban logic.

Leakes is all real ghetto and street fight with a knife.

Charity means nothing to dimwits — and so they’re blindly in it to win it for their own selfish interest of futilely trying making their self-esteem whole again.

The towering clod plods over the curious stargazer and the hell that rains down on the wigged crown is fiery and dangerous.

Can anyone win this estrogen endgame?

Or will they kill each other in the aftermath?

Only The Donald knows — and he’s too busy to care with the birther card officially off his long-form table.


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