Yesterday, I saw on television blunt evidence that our culture has finally descended into the dregs of both sloth and slovenliness indicating the end of the world is nigh upon us in the evil incarnation of a new product called:  Pajama Jeans.

The entire idea behind Pajama Jeans, it seems, is that regular jeans aren’t stretchy or comfortable enough for an American public growing fatter by the day, so instead of losing weight to actually fit your clothing, the better idea is to wear pretend stretchy fake “jeans” — But Not Those Gawdawful Jeggings! — because “Pajamas” are the new comfort food of the day.

We all remember the half-witted Booty Pop, right?

The other night, I was half-watching television and half-listening to the radio when a commercial popped on the TV screen.  I thought someone had changed the channel from TLC’s newest fetish show, Our Little Lives and I was watching a comedy skit for a new product called “Booty Pop.”

We also remember racing around the world in pajamas for a million dollars, right?

On last Sunday’s Amazing Race aired on CBS television, team Zev and Justin raced in China and India with Zev Glassenberg wearing silk pajamas.  It was ridiculous, disrespectful and plainly dumb — and we can’t blame Zev’s bad clothing taste on his Asperger’s syndrome or on CBS.  The fashion faux pas belongs squarely on Glassenberg’s grimy shoulders.

I will mention, but not link to, the ridiculous — I go to school in pajamas — trending meme because I cannot abide the ruination of our nation any longer.  Are we now a country of manic depressives who never want to get out of bed and face reality and that’s why we want to stay in our bedclothes and slippers all day long?

What is it with the invention and selling of false comfort in America?  Why do we bother to pretend we care about appearance and respect when we only want to dress, and behave, on the lowest common denominator?  I thought the slip dress was tacky, but I’m sure I’ll be stunned when nipple pasties are the new public, in-school, fashion of the pre-school day.


  1. It’s important to note who is wearing pajama bottoms in public. Thankfully, they are not the people making the laws of the land or enforcing them.

  2. That’s a good point. We’re safe so far — but when our politicians start wearing sweats and pajamas and scrubs in public — we’re all in trouble! We place too much emphasis on comfort and not the proper condition.

  3. I am not sure what has happened to us as a public but try finding clothing that isn’t all knit stretchy stuff; I keep trying to find work clothes (not casual Friday stuff) and trying to find simple basics like button down shirts and classic suits for women is near to impossible. I just don’t understand. Suddenly elastic waisted pants and pajama jeans are all the rage? Seriously? We look like slobs at best at times. Scary. I was in a major metropolitan airport recently and one of the passengers going through security (male) had on flannel pajama bottoms in siren yellow with ducks on them, fuzzy slippers and a way too old and hole ridden t-shirt. Hope his luggage doesn’t get lost on the way to whatever meeting he might have had….hard to explain that attire in a boardroom….

    1. I don’t understand the basic ill-mannered tone of bedroom attire worn in public places. I guess that idea is what informs the new bridal fashions where a wedding dress looks more like a stripper outfit. It’s just all bad taste and slovenliness — and if that’s what people want — that’s what the manufacturers make, and the rest of us are stuck with only elastic as choices.

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