He was a Golden Boy with good hair.

All the ladies loved him, and he loved them back, even though he was already married with children.

Multiple reports say former senator and presidential candidate John Edwards will soon be indicted by the Justice Department on criminal charges for allegedly violating campaign finance laws in an effort to cover up his extramarital affair.

Overnight reports cite sources close to the investigation who say that the government is preparing to indict Edwards, though a plea deal could still be reached, perhaps in the next two weeks.

Our Golden Boy is now in The Money Boil — The Golden Boil — and we must wonder if a momentary satisfaction pays as well as a Federal investigation of your wrongdoing.

Would he do it all again for another taste of the forbidden loin?

Or, has the father in him taken over the misogynist adolescent that plagued his political ambitions like Oedipus was haunted by a sexual curse he did not want, or desire, but earned?

Can you imagine what would have happened to us all if we’d fallen for him — straight over the edge of an endless cliff?

John Edwards will forever be our chastened Golden Boy.

He never had a real chance to ever be a man.


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