Veronica entered a bakery to purchase a cup of coffee for her husband, waiting for her with their baby at an outdoor event.

She had paid for the coffee and went to get cream and sugar for the coffee as was her husband’s preference.

His preference was actually soy milk and agave nectar however neither were available and so she went with his preferences from amongst what was available.

A young girl, having joined her father for coffee and cocoa, was playing with the small containers of creamer.

Veronica gently said, “Excuse me, is it okay if I get in there?” while indicating the creamer assortment.

The girl’s father whipped around with his coffee in hand and snapped “What’s your hurry — you have a fire to go extinguish?”

Veronica replied, “My fire is my six month old baby that is waiting with my husband and may need me — what’s your fire?”

Veronica reached past the girl, still playing with the creamers, and grabbed a couple of creamers.

While the man gave her dirty looks, she poured the cream into the coffee and heard the man mutter under his breath as he left.

The man behind the counter apologized for her having to endure the rude father’s behavior, and then she joined her husband and baby who were quite happy to see her.


  1. Great story, Gordon! So visceral and so real — and SO RUDE! I am amazed by people who just wait to explode on a stranger for no reason whatsoever.

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