Hatred rises in puffs of black soot — smoke from a rifle — the burning remnants of gunfire.

We inhale the putrid stench and poison our culture.

Here we are, 60 years after Hitler and his Nazi schemers, and there’s a new rising hatred in Europe that threatens freedom and human compassion.

The rise of far-right, anti-immigrant, anti-refugee and, in some cases, neo-nazi groups — coalitions with names such as Blood and Honour Scandinavia — has been a constant theme across Scandinavia and central Europe in recent years.

European security experts have suggested that many of these Scandinavian extremists are linked and have close ties especially with the German group Aktionsburo, one of the more violent anti-left, anti-foreigner groups on the continent.

Hatred is a strong muscle that longs for stretching and flexing.

How can reasonableness and humanity force that ready sinew from finding its electrical impulses for the punishing?

Do we remove guns from the hands of citizens?

Do we bind our children in bullet-proof vests and Kevlar helmets?

How do we stop the predictable, and tyrannical, rise of hating among us?


  1. I believe that in the long run education will do us more good than banning anything. Sadly the miseducation is spreading faster than the proper stuff.

  2. I would think that if access to the implements of mass killings were curtailed, it would be much harder to kill lots of people so easily.

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