A gang of misfits hold an entire nation hostage.

They do not want to pay for what the previous misfits approved.

Teabaggery is the new tyranny and the banks and the tycoons are protected while the young and the aged suffer in their insufferable hands.

Even when they win, they complain.

We all lose under their burned tea thumbs.

Unfortunately, we have a President who prefers a mauling to a righteous fight, and so he splinters his left while solidifying the right against him.

We, The Middle, are left alone to fend for ourselves using our frozen salaries and our rising costs of living to bat away the biting cold and the collector’s hand.

Nobody we elected cares to do anything whatsoever to protect us from an impending doom.

One wonders if we can have a human revolution without an economic meltdown.

Will the peasants rise against their oppressors, or have we all already been suitably forever dunked?


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