Wikipedia is dying.

Since 2007, Wikipedia has tempted obsolescence:

The problem with unrestricted community involvement in online research is the great risk to truth and accuracy in the reporting…. if one community member cannot be trusted, then the entire veracity of the rest of the community — guilty or not — is also placed under the microscopic and burning Panopticonic eye of doubt and disingenuousness.

Since 2009, the prescient and the brave do not care:

We loathe Wikipedia because it is so widely used by students and because it is so easily corrupted with purposeful lies and mistruths; Wikipedia serves mass sycophancy — not secular scholarship — and that is its fatal flaw.

When the founder of the cause caves, only the sycophants and the downtrodden remain:

Jimmy Wales, the iconoclastic founder of Wikipedia, made a troubling announcement at the seventh annual Wikipedia conference: Nobody wants to edit Wikipedia anymore.

Is Wikipedia going to shrivel up and fade away?

Wales told the AP that the number of Wikipedia editors is slowly dwindling.

“We are not replenishing our ranks,” he said, “it is not a crisis, but I consider it to be important.”


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