The commercials for the original Bullet food processing system all are about the same. They show you over and over again how it helps you make food in a matter of seconds — from preparing an omelete to helping you make a fantastic margarita. Whenever Elizabeth said that she wanted one, I pointed out that we already had a perfectly functional food processor that was already taking up space in our not so large Kew Gardens co-op apartment. She would relent, conceding this point to be quite right — when you live in a large multi-room house you can have as many appliances as you want that do only one thing and do them well. When you live in New York and aren’t wealthy, you need to have a few appliances that each do many things, even if it doesn’t do those things fantastically.

When our fantastic son Chaim Yosef was born, we already had been discussing what he would be eating when he would start being weaned off of breast milk and into the realm of more grown-up foods. Do not think that we entered into parenthood with our eyes shut — rather, we have long been aware of the many costs associated with raising a child, and good nutrition has always been amongst them.

Being fans of healthy organic vegetarian food, we at first purchased jarred foods. We got products like Baby Earth and Earth’s best baby foods. We were looking at the same time at machines that would take steamed vegetables and make them into pureed baby food. A quick cost assessment tells us exactly why making a switch over was necessitated.

One cup of brown rice and lentils costs a little less than a dollar if you buy grains and beans in bulk. That translates to half a dozen jars of baby food that would cost anywhere from seventy cents to a dollar fifty each.

That is the beauty of the Baby Bullet. It comes with a half dozen small containers that hold about the same quantity of baby food as an ordinary jar of baby food. It also comes with a special split container that you can put into the freezer and get up to six different servings of food. As a result, one short preparation session can yield twelve servings and even some to enjoy right then and there!

The Baby Bullet comes with both a large and smaller container so that more or less food can be made. Additionally, there is a blade for pureeing food as well as a separate blade meant for milling grains. We recently made a delicious sugar and additive free hot brown rice cereal using this very milling blade.

As a result of getting the Baby Bullet, we have been able to save in a matter of only a couple of months more than the cost of the Baby Bullet from not having to buy expensive jarred foods. Moreover, the Bullet will serve us well G-d willing for our next child. It doesn’t hurt that when we are done making baby food we can also use the Bullet for making a small quantity of high quality salad dressing — saving us money once again!


  1. Sharing this one – not sure if it is available in the UK – would have been great for my daughter and my grandson Billy – perhaps it will be as useful to my son and his girlfriend and my future grand-daughter.

  2. She uses a hand held mixer at the moment – and I am pretty sure she has a steamer too – the mum to be would appreciate the “gadget” level of this sytem !

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