Mary was excited to visit New York City.

She was Midwestern-born and had rarely ventured over 30 miles from her birth place in her 75 years of living.

She was mesmerized by Times Square and all the light at night; at home, she could see the stars in a dark sky — in New York City — she couldn’t see the stars for the neon.

Finding herself in a crowd, and unable to breathe, Mary stepped off the curb into the street.

An arm from the crowd reached out and, for a single moment only, touched her shoulder ever so softly so she would not take another step forward.

Before Mary could respond to the hand on her shoulder, a taxicab whizzed by her, its yellow metal whispering death against her kneecap.

“That was close,” she thought, “one more step and I’d be done.”

Then it occurred to Mary that she had been touched by a Redeemer, a real-life Guardian Angel, and she felt warm that God loved her and that He sent someone to watch out for her.

To this day, Mary believes she was invisibly tapped on the shoulder because she never saw the arm reaching out from the crowd behind her to stop her.

For those of us who were with Mary that day, we were all witness to the anonymous long arm of the Lord finding her, and saving her with His fingertips.


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