Simon Cowell’s X Factor is a major flop of talent and expectation and now, thanks to an interview he did with MTV, we know Simon wasn’t interested in creating anything new or unique or special on his new show — he just wants to find Snooki, Part II:

Simon Cowell knows a star when he sees one. But fans might be surprised to learn that when the reality TV judge took his X Factor” auditions on the road this year, he was eager to hit the state of New Jersey. It turns out Simon hoped to find contestants with the same indefinable qualities as the castmembers of MTV’s hit “Jersey Shore.” …

Asked to pick his favorite castmember, Cowell singled out Snooki, saying the pint-size 23-year-old had that “X” factor. “In fact,” Cowell revealed, “She recently came in to meet some people from my company. I would say they were more starstruck by Snooki than anyone they’ve ever met in their lives,” he said. “I mean, they were genuinely thrilled. They were taking pictures with her.

“Yeah, so that was the reason why I came to New Jersey: I wanted to find the next Snooki.”

I actually appreciate Simon Cowell’s public confessionary because it makes clear what we already know about the X Factor:  It’s a boring retread that imitates without inspiring.

The fact that Cowell thinks the world needs — or wants! — a secondary Snooki tells me he really has no clue about talent or taste or what it means to become a star.  Snooki is a one-off, an encroaching has been, and a forever ugly pockmark on the face of the great State of New Jersey that we want to have surgically eradicated.

We actually need to get rid of the original Snooki, not create some mealy-headed imitation of the worst of her.  We need to create stars who set a proper example and who value education and humbleness over street corner drunkenness and showing private skin in public.

Snooki is the worst of us.  She’s a petulant child that we mock while pretending to admire her wanton ways.  To follow Snooki is to get lost in the lonesome depths — and even the worst of us deserve better than to have to live in a world with multiple Snookii.


    1. It’s just gross, Gordon. There’s no other word for it — especially this season with the Jersey Shore in Italy and Snooki is in full dysfunction… sleeping around… flashing… drunk… — and surrounded by a cadre of enablers.

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