Based on some experiences I have had in the last year with my fantastic baby Chaim Yosef, I have come up with some important rules to take in consideration when using the elevator in mass transit locations.

The first rule is that if you are completely able bodied and are not accompanying someone who needs to use the elevator, you have absolutely no reason to use the elevator — you can either take the stairs or use the escalator if that is available.

Speaking of the escalator, if you are on the escalator and are standing, remember to bear right to be all right — let the escalator walkers walk to your left.

If you have a child with you that is able to walk on his or her own, you do not need to be taking the elevator — the escalator is just as good for you.

If you are feeling tired from a long day of shopping, you still do not need to use the elevator — particularly if you are in Macy’s and the escalator is right around the corner.

As a parent who is pushing a stroller, you absolutely should be using the elevator, however there is something that you too should bear in mind.

When you enter the elevator with your spouse and baby in his or her stroller, do not just stop right after entering the elevator.

Let me bring a possibly abrasive fact to your attention — you are not the only people in the world interested in taking the elevator!

Now that you have made it into the elevator, make sure to push the button corresponding to your destination floor — if it helps, there are only two floors to choose in the elevator so you can hit both and still make it, as opposed to those of you who choose to stare at the wall of the elevator and hope for the best.

I’m really glad that we have gone over the new rules of the elevator — if we can just stick to them, the elevator experience can be better for all of us who really have a need to use it.


  1. Excellent rules, Gordon! I especially like the one about making room when you enter the space. Don’t go in and then stand in the middle of the elevator! Move over!

  2. Oh my gosh I know exactly how you feel! Ever since I had my son I have come to realize how absolutely unnecessary it is to use the elevator when there is an escalator ten feet away! So many frustrating moments having to push a stroller between 8 able bodied, lazy people…or even worse, having to wait for the elevator to go and come back because there is not enough room even though you were the first one there waiting! I can’t stand the inconsideration! And you know to all those able bodied, lazy people, YOU are the annoyance for coming in with a big stroller and “taking up everyone’s room.”

    1. Right on. At the Lexington & 63rd Street subway stop there’s an elevator that’s painfully slow and a little further down the track, a perfectly fine escalator with one major rule — no strollers! Yet I see kids all the time waiting for that elevator, with older individuals supported by canes patiently waiting behind them.

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